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Just Signed Up!

2013-05-02 11:18:51 by playberrygames

Well hey there!

Just signed up to Newgrounds so we could get some more exposure and feedback on our recent games we have been working on at our new social gaming website

We have just added our latest game and it is currently under review so would be great if you guys could check that out and let us know what you think!

Didn't really know that this site had so many extra member features and such an active community and we're looking forward to becoming apart of it!


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2013-05-02 11:24:08

Your submission will do better while under judgement and after (if it isn't blammed) if you take a moment to include an icon. Welcome to Newgrounds.

playberrygames responds:

Thanks! I thought we had included an icon...

I noticed there has been one put in the space on the under review section now so maybe someone has created one for us now?